Unable to get signal out of L40s Displayports

I have a L40s and need to configure it to work in gpumode.
I ran .\displaymodeselector.exe --gpumode physical_display_enabled_8GB_bar1
and then .\nvidia-smi.exe -fdm 0

The nvidia control panel now shows the displayports but when I connect a computer screen to the display port it does not show it as connected and no image output on the display.

Is there any steps that I need to take ? PS. I’ve tested the cables and connectors with a RTX4060 and it works fine.


After talking to Supermicro support team, they were unable to identify the issue. here are some photos of the Bios Settings and Nvidia Control Panel.

can you provide the output of “nvidia-smi.exe -q” here, and then also try the displaymodeselector tool option “physical_display_enabled_256MB_bar1”, then again run nvidia-smi and provide the output pls…
does the devicemanager show any issues with the L40S GPU?