Unable to profile Vulkan application with NSight Systems


I am trying to profile my Vulkan application, but I always get an empty report. The Diagnostic summary gives me two warning messages:

“Failed to connect to the application or its children. Target should be a 64-bit process or a 32-bit process with 64-bit children.”

“Zero Vulkan events were collected. Does the application use Vulkan?”

I am 100% using Vulkan for rendering, so I do not understand why I see these messages. In the log I have not noticed anything suspicious either. On the other hand, when I switch my program to use OpenGL for rendering, I get a profiling report as expected.

P.S.: I have not figured out how to add an attachment to the topic, but if necessary I can send the log file or screenshots by other means.
qdrep.zip (1.09 MB)

Hi mfedorko,

To let us inspect the case, please attach the QDREP file and log file to this post, or email them to devtools-support@nvidia.com

To attach a file, hover your mouse over the post. 4 icons will appear in the top right corner of the post. Click the attach icon and select the file to attach.



Hi Doron,

sorry for slower reply. I have attached a zip file with the faulty *.qdrep and the log file to the original post. Hope you can find it and that it helps solve the issue.