Vulkan .exe process not found on Windows 10 machine | Nsight Graphics 2019.6.1

Hi Guys,

I am trying to frame debug a simple triangle application that uses the Vulkan API. Nsight Graphics does not show the process running in the Attach interface when Automatically Connect is set to No. When I set Automatically Connect to Yes, it still can’t find the process to attach to. I make sure to launch Nsight Graphics with administrator privileges.

Please watch the following video for a detailed overview of the problem:

I will provide written details here for completeness. My setup is as follows:

Vulkan LunarG SDK
Nsight Graphics 2019.6.1
Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
NVIDIA Geforce 1050 Ti
Windows 10

I am not sure if its that my drivers need to be updated. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

-Cuda Education


I was also having this identical problem and just found a solution after hours of searching. The problem was that another process was already occupying the first port that Nsight uses to look for running processes. Therefore, Nsight was not able to find my debug process as it always tried to connect to the other one.

You can try running Get-Process -Id (Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 49152).OwningProcess in a powershell to determine if some process is using the port. For me, it was the vss-service-x64 windows shadow copy service used by my cloud sync software.

The only two workarounds I found were to stop the other process, which in my case I could not because I need the cloud sync, or to start a dummy process with nsight and then the actual application I want to debug afterward leaving the dummy running. This will assign a new port to you debug application which is hopefully not also occupied.

Altough I’m a bit late to your post, I hope that my answer may help you or others having a similar problem.

-Jakob P.