Nsight Graphics not working with Vulkan API

Hi Guys,

I am trying to frame debug a simple triangle application that uses the Vulkan API. Nsight Graphics does not show the process running in the Attach interface when Automatically Connect is set to No. When I set Automatically Connect to Yes, it still can’t find the process to attach to. I make sure to launch Nsight Graphics with administrator privileges.

Please watch the following video for a detailed overview of the problem: https://youtu.be/4trzwQ52b2c

I will provide written details here for completeness. My setup is as follows:

Vulkan LunarG SDK
Nsight Graphics 2019.6.1
Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
NVIDIA Geforce 1050 Ti
Windows 10
Intel Core i5

I am not sure if its that my drivers need to be updated. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

-Cuda Education

Replied on the other thread entitled “Problems launching or attaching a Vulkan application”. Let us know if more input is needed on this thread.