Can't find any process

I was previously using an old version of nsight for VS but due to some, I guess, Windows 10 update, it stopped working.
Therefore I updated to nsight Graphics 2020.6.1, but for some reason It can’t connect to the process.

I think the issue is caused by nsight scanning ports 49152-49216 while the nsight monitor is using port 50352.
Is there a way to change either the scanned ports range or the monitor’s port ?

**Edit: Please also note that injection seems to be working properly: I’m able to capture a frame from a Vulkan application, but nsight graphics keeps printing “Searching for attachable processes on localhost:49152-49216…”


Allright I’ve found a workaround.

-Start both nsight and nsight monitor in administrator mode (not sure if it helped but it’s always better)
-Use local ip (192.168.xx.xx) and not “localhost”
-Do not check “automatically attach”
-Then the process is shown in the list and can be attached to.