Nsight Systems can't connect to LocalHost (Windows Desktop)

Hello, new to using Cuda, Nsight and Nvidia forums.

Nsight Systems 2023.3.1 is timing out trying to connect to my localhost.

I have tried:

  • Changing the ports in Nsight Monitor to match the localhost port in windows
  • Launching Nsight systems from within visual studio
  • Checking Developer setting in windows
  • Using Nsight Systems 2023.2 instead
  • Searching online for solutions.

Nsight Monitor says it is configured correctly, Nsight Compute can be launched from within Visual Studio and gives diagnostics. But trying to follow beginner tutorials on Nsight Systems it looks like this should be as easy as installing and selecting the my Desktop as Localhost.

System Info:
VS 2022
Nsight Systems 2023.3.1
Windows 10

I would expect it to be that simple as well. I am going to refer you to a Windows Nsight Systems expert.

@dofek ?

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