Unable to read temperature from DHT22 sesnor

I’ve started by reading a single pin using the jetson-gpio lib and was able to read low/high values successfully
Then I’ve moved to try and read DHT22 sensor using NVidia-Jetson-DHT22 lib but I can’t get a successful read.
I’ve tried changes the pins and also used several sensors so I assume the sensors are not the issue.
As I was able to read a single pin I assume there shouldn’t be further configuration for reading GPIO but maybe I’m missing something?

hello sagilo,

that provided sample were working with Jetson-Xavier.
please refer to Jetson Nano GPIO Header PINOUT and modify the pin you’d connected to DHT22,

Hi Jerry,
Sorry but I’m not sure what you meant.
I used the project above and did change the PIN according to the Nano pinout, yet, it didn’t get a valid result

hello sagilo,

please check https://github.com/GrgoMariani/NVidia-Jetson-DHT22-Python/blob/master/C_DHT.c,
that sample is currently set to work with Jetson Xavier, you should have modification to make it adapt your Nano platforms.