Unable to Update My Jetson with apt command

I’m using Jetpack3.0. But when I try to

sudo apt-get update

it says:

Invalid ‘Date’ entry in Release file /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/_var_nv-gie-repo-ga-cuda8.0-gie1.0-20170116_Release

I have looked that problem on the forum however, it doesn’t solve.

Why does it happening? How can I solve that? Is that a big error or?


This is a harmless warning.
You can develop any application without error.

More, this issue is fixed in our latest release.
You can get the message gone by re-flashing your device with JetPack 3.2 DP here:


I’m gonna use jetson on the robot so I should’nt install JetPack 3.2.

"Note: Developer Preview versions are software that are not ready for production use.

If you’re looking to run JetPack in production, please download JetPack 3.1 from the links below."

So What if I install Jetpack 3.1? Have Jetpack3.1 got lots of issue on JetsonTX2 platform? Which Jetpack version should you for me?

JetPack3.1 can install L4T R28.1 which is a good Ubuntu 16.04 release. Some of the newest of software will be in JetPack3.2/R28.2 which you might not care about right now, e.g., a new CUDA version…but if for example you don’t want CUDA 9 and instead want CUDA 8 then JetPack3.1 is the right choice even after JetPack3.2 comes out as a full release. You might want to go here and explore the release notes:

Thank you very much. Have a nice day!