Unable to use nvidia maxine ar gazeredirect

every time I tried to open nvida maxine ar gazeredirect I get an error message like

ERROR: There was a problem deserializing the inference runtime engine, line 97
ERROR: An error has occured while initializing Gaze Redirection
ERROR: Initializing Gaze Engine failed

does anyone know how to fix it

What OS, NVIDIA Driver version and CUDA version are you running?

my os version is win 10 64bit
but Idk my nvidia driver and cuda version

Thanks for that information. The latest drivers and CUDA toolkit work here, on my own test bench. What GPU are you using to run Gaze Redirect?

I am installaing the cuda now

Any GPU with Tensor Cores (Turing or newer) will run the SDK. GeForce that would be 20 series and newer. Professional cards you should be running Quadro RTX or RTX cards ie. but not necessarily Quadro RTX 8000 or RTX A6000.

Idk what is my computers gpu but I have an rtx 3060

Meu Nobre, para funcionar, instale essa (DLL) OPENCV_WORLD341.DLL, isso rsolverá seu problema.

@mark_tme I’m also having issues. I have a 2080ti and a 3090ti both have this issue. I compiled against the included libs and headers so it should be what ever version they include.

ERROR: An error occurred while creating a TensorRT context, line 44
ERROR: An error has occured while running the Gaze Redirection

I can try downgrading opencv world as suggested, but I’m not confident that would resolve it.

did this work?