Unable to use nvidia maxine ar gazeredirect due to Error in line 77

Every time I am trying to run the bat file but getting this error.

ERROR: The GPU is not supported, line 77
ERROR: An error has occured while initializing Gaze Redirection
ERROR: an error has occured while creating a feature
[ WARN:0] terminating async callback

My spec.
OS: Window 11 64x ; GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti with Max Q design

Please help

The error message you’re encountering suggests that your GPU may not be fully supported for the task you’re trying to perform. Here are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Check GPU compatibility: Make sure your GPU (Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti with Max Q design) is compatible with the software or application you’re trying to run.
  2. Update GPU drivers: Ensure that you have the latest GPU drivers installed. You can download the latest drivers from the Nvidia website.
  3. Check system requirements: Make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for the software or application you’re trying to run.
  4. Check the bat file: Check the bat file you’re trying to run and make sure that it has the correct paths and commands.

Hi there @abhineshgotit welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I took the liberty of moving your post to the correct category under Maxine.


Thanks for the move! @guestblogcrowcrowcrow - 1650ti is not a supported GPU for use with Maxine. Maxine requires an NVIDIA GPU with Tensor cores. The 1650ti does not have Tensor cores.