Want use Gaze Redirect on NVIDIA Graphics Card , but it's not working,

I see this error, guys

ERROR: The GPU is not supported, line 77
ERROR: An error has occured while initializing Gaze Redirection
ERROR: an error has occured while creating a feature
[ WARN:0] terminating async callback

Maybe you can help me?

Msi GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF nvidia geforce gtx 1070
os version is win 10 64bit

Hello!!! Anyone here?

Your GPU does not meet the requirements for Maxine, The SDK is supported on NVIDIA GPUs that are based on the NVIDIA® Turing™, Ampere™ or Ada™ architecture and have Tensor Cores.

Gaze redirection doesn’t use rtx as far as I can tell in the code.
Might be another [
“RTX Voice” situation.

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