Gaze Redirect ERROR: Cannot create a CUDA stream

wanted to use Gaze Redirect for pre-recorded videos, but I get the error:

I use a RTX A4500 and the latest CUDA version was just installed (12.0)

Why do I still get the error that a cuda stream canot be created, and that the dynamic library cannot be loaded?

I’m not experienced at all!

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I have the same problem with RTX 3050. Latest cuda installed, and also nvidia broadcast Version 0.7.2 (beta). I am trying to use v0.8.2.0 maxine ar SDK pack.

“Cannot create a cuda stream: Error loading the dynamic library
ERROR: Initializing Gaze Engine failed.”
GazeRedirect App appear with grey background and suddenly disappear.

This appears to be an error as the system cannot locate the dlls in the “bin” directory. Does the SDK sample run when using the run_local.bat ?

Thank you for your help!

You were right the “bin” directory was missing before. This video also helped me a lot How To Install Eye Contact AI | NVIDIA MAXINE | Gaze Redirect - YouTube

thanks for linking my video happy to help :)

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I have this error that says my cuda version is insufficient. I installed the cuda toolkit and I don’t know what seems to be the issue here.

having the same issue, I do have the bin folder in there

downloaded from this link:
(there will be 2 zip file, extract both of them, else it will give error for missing files)

changed the run.bat as:

SET PATH=%PATH%;…..\samples\external\opencv\bin;…..\bin;
SET NVAR_MODEL_DIR=…..\bin\models
GazeRedirect.exe --offline_mode --split_screen_view=false --in=example.mp4

placed the sample video as example.mp4 in the GazeRedirect folder

works fine with me