Maxine Gaze Converted File is Unsupported

Hello I followed the directions to install the gaze redirect and when I try to open the converted file it says file is unsupported. I made a 20 second video to test it out. Anyone know what the issue is? The file is an mp4

Hi there, what is the input file type? It appears that the SDK created an output file that is not complete, this happens if the SDK sample has an error and stops processing the input file.

Could you provide your input command line and the output text of the CLI?
Also, what is the output file’s size?

Hi there the command line is:
SET PATH=%PATH%;…..\samples\external\opencv\bin;…..\bin;
SET NVAR_MODEL_DIR=…..\bin\models
GazeRedirect.exe --offline_mode --split_screen_view=false --in=video1.mp4

What do you mean by input file type? If you mean the original video it is an mp4 and is around 33K KB.

By 33K KB do you mean the total size of the file is 33K or about 33MB in size?

hi 33,000 KB

I have tried a bigger file of 1 million KB and does not open as well

please add --out=test.mp4 to your command

so instead of " --in=video1.mp4 " i put " --out=test.mp4 " and then the video i want to convert? the video1.mp4 was the video i was trying to convert

If you are processing video offline, meaning not through a web camera, you must define an input file " --in=$$.mp4" and and output file " --out=&&.mp4".

Example batch file :

SET PATH=%PATH%;…..\samples\external\opencv\bin;…..\bin;
GazeRedirect.exe --model_path=…..\bin\models --offline_mode=true --in=input.mp4 --out=gaze_correction.mp4

If you execute GazeReirect.exe --help you will find the help output for the SDK sample, that may assist you further.

where in the batch file do I type in the video file I am trying to convert?

Your input file is assigned to --in=

Example :
" --in=$$" $$ being your input file name

Your output file is assigned to --out=

Example :

output file " --out=$$ " $$ being the desired output file name

Please see GazeRedirect.exe --help for additional assistance.

the gaze extention gives me a “the code execution cannot proceed because opencv_world346.dll was not found.” i tried reinstalling everything again and did not work

Please ensure that the batch file includes the PATH. Otherwise, you can copy the required dependencies from \samples\external\opencv\bin into the gazeredirect directory.

GazeRedirect has been integrated into NVIDIA Broadcast if you’re not familiar with our SDK samples. They’re intended for developers to leverage and test our software without having to implement the software into their applications. Of course, it is available for everyone to experiment with but it is still a developer focused sample.

You can find NVIDIA Broadcast at NVIDIA Broadcast: The Ultimate AI-Powered Voice and Video App

Broadcast requires an RTX enabled NVIDIA GPU. You’ll need any NVIDIA GPU with an RTX moniker to run it.