Using Gaze Redirect after recording

Hello ! I don’t have a webcam and I use my iPhone to rec my videos. Is it possible to use Gaze Redirect after I rec de video ?
Thanks for your help guys

Hi! You absolutely can process a video file using the ARSDK. Just point the GazeRedirect executable to the file you want to process. My suggestion is to use the included helper script or bash file. For quick processing of videos, I make a copy of the helper script and use that as a launching point. I also add a line, on the Windows SDK, to print the help output each time I run the bat file :

SET PATH=%PATH%;…..\samples\external\opencv\bin;…..\bin;
GazeRedirect.exe --help
GazeRedirect.exe --model_path=…..\bin\models --offline_mode=true --split_screen_view=false --in=example.mp4 --out=example_out.mp4 --draw_vizualization=false

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I tried to do it but I’m not sure what I’m doing.

Then I started it with the command box, but it says that he can’t find the opencv_world346.dll file

The video I want to process is in the same file as the run.bat

Ensure that opencv_world346.dll is able to be found by path. Those files and dependencies (such as the model) can be simply copied into the gazeredirect directory to get around having to deal with PATH.

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The new .mp4 was generated but it doesn’t work. There is some errors in the process

Fixed ! I found a video who explains it ! How To Change Eye Contact On PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS! | NVIDIA MAXINE | Gaze Redirect - YouTube

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Excellent! I am glad you were able to resolve.

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