GazeRedirect (sample app) output video change to 27 fps, from original video 27.95 fps. Bug?

Hi, I tried the sample app GazeRedirect with simple command-line arguments below. My original video duration was 02:04 with 27.95 fps, but after I turn on GazeRedirect, the video output duration became 02:08 with 27 fps.

How and why GazeRedirect change the FPS and eventually make a whole different video duration?

SET PATH=%PATH%;..\..\samples\external\opencv\bin;..\..\bin;
SET NVAR_MODEL_DIR=..\..\bin\models
GazeRedirect.exe --offline_mode --split_screen_view=false  --in=inra.mp4


I try to feed with processed video fixed 30 FPS, and the output came back the same 30 FPS with the same duration.

Is Maxine cant handle decimal FPS?