Unable to use single 32GB profile on v100s

Hello there,

We have some v100s for compute and have an issue whereby we can use all profiles except 32gb profiles. When we try use a 32gb profile we cant install the drivers in Ubuntu and in Windows nvidia-smi doesnt detect the card.

But this works fine on smaller profiles…


To use NVIDIA vGPU software drivers for a bare-metal deployment, complete these tasks:

Install the driver on the physical host.

For instructions, see Installing the NVIDIA vGPU Software Graphics Driver.

License any NVIDIA vGPU software that you are using.

For instructions, see Virtual GPU Client Licensing User Guide.

Configure the platform for remote access.

To use graphics features with Tesla GPUs, you must use a supported remoting solution, for example, RemoteFX, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VNC, or similar technology.

Use the display settings feature of the host OS to configure the Tesla GPU as the primary display.

NVIDIA Tesla generally operates as a secondary device on bare-metal platforms.

If the system has multiple display adapters, disable display devices connected through adapters that are not from NVIDIA.

You can use the display settings feature of the host OS or the remoting solution for this purpose. On NVIDIA GPUs, including Tesla GPUs, a default display device is enabled.

Users can launch applications that require NVIDIA GPU technology for enhanced user experience only after displays that are driven by NVIDIA adapters are enabled.