Understanding CloudXR Client QoS Log File

Hi Nvidia CloudXR team,

I have a few questions regarding the QoS parameters found in the Client Log file.

  1. What are the definitions of:
  • Latency
    Also, why are some values zero?

  • Round Trip Delay
    Does it mean motion-to-photon latency? Which includes all of the processes in a streaming workflow (i.e., encoding,decoding,streaming, etc.)

  • Estimated Available Bandwidth
    Does it represent the upload bandwidth from CloudXR server or download bandwidth to CloudXR client?

  1. To calculate the actual bandwidth utilized on the CloudXR client device, is it accurate to use the following calculation:

Average of Est. Avail. Bandwidth * Average of Bandwidth Utilization /100 ?

Hi all - Here is our Documentation link that should be able to help answer these questions above: Questions, Comments, and Bugs — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation

Hi, we do not have definition of parameters in document, we only have name of it

  • Average Video Rate (kbps)
  • Estimated Available Bandwidth (kbps)
  • Bandwidth Utilization (%)

What should “Estimated Available Bandwidth” value be?
Is it value of “remaining bandwidth” after subtracting cloudxr utilization or include everything( total network bandwidth)?
Thank you