Unity3d build and VR Support

So I have a jetson nano and these might be 2 separate questions.

Firstly im trying to run an empty unity scene build for linux x86 and universal x86_64 on the jetson nano but am unable to do so.

I get this error : cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

So if anyone has had any success in running a Unity3d build on a jetson nano please advise what to do.

Secondly just wanted to ask if anyone has been successfully able to run a VR headset on the nano. I tried installing Steam as they say Steam VR is supported but was unable to get steam to install. I’m unable to download the required libraries because the url from which my ubuntu installation is trying to download does not exist.


The CPU architecture is different for a Jetson versus a desktop PC. PC is x86_64, Jetson is arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a. You’ll need to recompile to run on this architecture. If the source is not available, then you will have to ask for 64-bit ARM. Even if source is available you may find the need to make a lot of changes for some code which actually depends on desktop PC CPU features.

I doubt a VR headset would work on a Nano…at least not with reasonable performance. So far as I know many VR headsets want performance on par with a 1080Ti, and I’m guessing that 1080Ti has more than ten times as many CUDA cores.