Unknown PSID: MT_0000000493

Hi all,

we’ve recently acquired two used Bluefield2 cards (no vendor in Germany would sell us new BF2 Ethernet cards), however, while trying to debug a kernel error I noticed that the PSID (MT_0000000493) of the card does not exist anywhere and the firmware manager is unable to update the firmware on the device:

Querying Mellanox devices firmware ...

Device #1:

  Device Type:      BlueField2
  Part Number:      MBF2M332A-AEEO_Ax
  Description:      BlueField-2 SmartNIC 25GbE Dual-Port SFP56; PCIe Gen3/4 x8; Crypto; 16GB on-board DDR; 1GbE OOB management; HHHL
  PSID:             MT_0000000493
  PCI Device Name:  /dev/mst/mt41686_pciconf0
  Base GUID:        000000002cb11ccc
  Base MAC:         000000b11ccc
  Versions:         Current        Available
     FW             24.28.1066     N/A

  Status:           No matching image found

Is this some earlier silicon revision?


Yes, this is very early product had been replaced by,

MBF2H332A-AEEO MT_0000000540 BlueField-2 P-Series DPU 25GbE Dual-Port SFP56; PCIe Gen4 x8; Crypto Enabled; 16GB on-board DDR; 1GbE OOB management; HHHL

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