Unknown symbol nvme_find_pdev_from_bdev

Hi all,

After installing MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.4-1 on Ubuntu 18.04 (kernel 4.15.0-24) as “$ mlnxofedinstall --force --without-dkms --with-nvmf” I’m trying to use RDMA tools, but

  • modprobe on nvme_rdma fails with “nvme_rdma: Unknown symbol nvme_delete_wq (err 0)”

  • modprobe on nvmet_rdma fails with “nvmet: Unknown symbol nvme_find_pdev_from_bdev (err 0)”

What am I doing wrong, please?

I see two kernel modules loaded: nvme and nvme_core.

This is Mellanox MCX516A-CCAT ConnectX-5 EN Network Interface Card 100GbE Dual-Port QSFP28.

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Dmitri Fedorov

Ciena Canada

I did not run the installer properly, I used this installed command:

./mlnxofedinstall --force --without-dkms --with-nvmf

When it should be:

./mlnxofedinstall --force --without-dkms --with-nvmf --add-kernel-support

Complete installation steps that worked for me:

wget http://content.mellanox.com/ofed/MLNX_OFED-4.4-

tar xvzf MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.4-


./mlnxofedinstall --force --without-dkms --with-nvmf --add-kernel-support

/etc/init.d/openibd restart

Dmitri Fedorov

Ciena Canada