Unreal audio2face live lipsync sound noise problem

Hello, when listening to sound through a live link in audio2face 1.1 headless mode in Unreal packaging, popping and crackling sounds occur during play even if the sampling rate is adjusted in all settings. Is there anything I’ve missed or is there a way to fix this?

Hi @bryson

Does this happen with default sounds too?
What are your machine specs?
Does it play better if you focus in an app other than Audio2Face or Unreal Engine?

This document is very helpful for packing UE projects using A2F livelink: Audio2Face to UE Live Link Plugin — Omniverse Audio2Face latest documentation (nvidia.com)

Thank you for answer! When headless.bat is used, a lot of noise occurs, but when audio2face.bat is used, the noise is significantly reduced. Is it a problem with headless mode? Or is there a setting I missed?
my machine specs cpu : 14900k gpu : 4090 ram : 96gb

Thanks for reporting. This is indeed a bug and we’ve created a ticket for this: DHT-574

Thank you for answer. I would appreciate it if this bug were fixed quickly.