Unsure about CUDA and Debian 12 compatibility requirements

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I’m setting up Nvidia drivers and CUDA on a Linux Debian 12 machine, which houses an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. I’ve got the 535.113.01 driver installed (I believe the latest version) which has CUDA compatibility 12.2. (Found via nvidia-smi and looking in the upper right corner.) When attempting to download CUDA toolkit via the website and clicking through the target platform options, there is no download option for Debian 12 for CUDA 12.2. There is a Debian 12 download for CUDA 12.3, but I’m led to believe that my Nvidia driver will not be compatible. There is also a download for Debian 11 for CUDA 12.2, but I’m also led to believe that will not be compatible since it’s the wrong distribution version.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I should download in this case? I’m not sure if I’ve missed something obvious, and I’m not sure if I can get away with a different Debian version or CUDA version. Changing the specs on the machine itself is probably not an option since this is a new work computer that I need to get set up.

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follow the instructions for driver install for 12.3 on the download site for 12.3. For example here

Should I install the legacy kernel module flavor or the open kernel flavor module? I’m not sure what these are exactly - is it installing an updated Nvidia driver and then the CUDA drivers? After I install the drivers I don’t need to follow the instructions for the base installer right?

Edit: Will I also need to sign the Nvidia driver module again with a new key recognized by the kernel? I had to do that the first time I installed the driver. (Sorry for the blast of questions!)

Either one.

Did you read the linked suggested reference?

There is a CUDA linux install guide, linked from the download page.