Installing CUDA in Debian Jessie

Hi! i know Debian is not officially supported by Nvidia but right now i can’t change my os.

Searching on the apt repositories, there is a package called nvidia-cuda-toolkit

After installation i have nvcc functioning but i can’t find a folder like NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK, as the one created by a common installation, a program i want to ron requieres some files that were in that folder. I’m wondering if the toolkit contained in the repositories does not install de SDK, so i would like to know if there is a chance i can sort this out. Could you help me?

The “SDK” (i.e. NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK) is old. You can still download it and build it if you want, but it was no longer distributed after CUDA 5.0

If you want to download it, this recent thread follows someone else’s attempt to use it:

Thanks a lot! I’m having trouble with this ancient practice of using the SDK files for building programs.