Upcoming Omniverse Events

Industry Events

Aug 8-11: SIGGRAPH (https://s2022.siggraph.org/)

  • We’ll be announcing our three #MadeinMachinima Contest winners and much more… Stay tuned.

Wed June 22 at 11AM PDT: Building Custom Synthetic Data Generation Pipelines with Omniverse Replicator

  • Acquiring ground truth data for #AI training can be costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Join a webinar next Wednesday, June 22 at 11AM PDT with Nyla Worker, Product Manager for Omniverse Replicator, to learn how to produce physically accurate synthetic data at scale with the new #NVIDIAOmniverse Replicator. Register now: https://info.nvidia.com/developer-replicator-webinar.html

Livestream Schedule
All livestreams are broadcast on Twitch (Twitch) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/NVIDIAOmniverse/).

(Developer-Focused Livestream Every Tuesday at 11AM PDT / 2PM EDT / 8PM CET]
(General Topics Every Wednesday at 11AM PDT / 2PM EDT / 8PM CET]

  • June 22 - Deep Dive - #MadeinMachinima
  • June 29 - TBD
  • July 6 - Deep Dive: Engineering / CAD Workflow & Design Review Featuring Special Guest Esri
  • June 13 - TBD
  • July 20 - Community Spotlight: Markom3D

Previously recorded livestreams are available on both NVIDIA On-Demand (NVOD) and YouTube:
NVOD: Playlist | TYPE - Community Stream | NVIDIA On-Demand
YouTube: NVIDIA Omniverse Stream | Getting Started: Omniverse XR - YouTube

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