Upgrade JP5.0_DP to JP_5.0.1 on AGX devkit booting from nvme breaks the integrity

steps to reproduce

sudo apt update
sudo apt updgrade

Initially JP5.0DP was flashed to nvme using sdkmanager
serial.log (190.4 KB)


For current situation, please remove the nvme and flash your device with sdkmanager again. There is no other way to restore the situation for now.

We will check if we can reproduce your issue.

and for nx devkit, which after single run of sdcard rewritten order of boot switching it to mmcblk instead of nvme?
there is no solution too to switch boot back to nvme without reflashing?

Your board is even not able to boot up to cboot/uefi now. Not even able to modify file.

As I said previously, your case is totally different. That is why I asked you to file new topic.

I will flash to eMMC with unscrewed nvme the AGX devkit
but what is the option to override boot priority on NX devkit that got issue also after upgrade [4.6->4.6.1]? so that it will boot from nvme instead of mmcblk? using OS installed on nvme?
The third one[devkit] seems just got bricked with all that situation [ nano devkit just become unflasheable though getting listed in recovery mode]

Please just discuss one topic at a time. If you have other issues in jp4.6 xavier NX, file a topic in NX forum.

This will make current topic clean.

How to implement switching back to boot from nvme on AGX after reflashing to eMMC then screwing back nvme?

Just screw the nvme back and it shall boot from nvme again. The boot order will read nvme if nvme has higher priority.

it does boot from emmc
but after plugging in nvme it won’t automatically boot from it
then after editing extlinux it does; thanks

Please check below document for correct steps.


If it requires you to “modify extlinux” to make it work, then it seems you are not booting from nvme. You just boot from emmc and let it mount the filesystem on nvme.


Confirmed this is a bug. Will be fixed in next release.

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