Upgrade the current version of CUDA

Hello everyone,

I want to use the ISAAC SDK on my Ubuntu 18.04 system. In the documentation it is said that we have to use CUDA version 10.0 for it.

When I open my terminal and enter nvcc --version, it shows the following version. Screenshot from 2020-09-19 19-30-09

Whereas, when I type nvidia-smi it shows the following image.

What is the current version? If it is 9.1 then how can I upgrade to 10? Should I uninstall the current CUDA and then update or can I parallely install another version?

Also I would like to know the steps in detail for it.

nvidia-smi is part of the driver package. The CUDA version number it shows is the highest version of CUDA (11.0) the current driver (450.51.06) supports. nvidia-smi won’t tell you anything about installed CUDA version(s).

The fact that nvcc indicates version 9.1 would suggest that CUDA 9.1 is installed. Whether any additional CUDA versions are installed, one cannot tell from this. Strictly speaking, one cannot even tell from that whether a complete and fully functional CUDA 9.1 is installed, although that is likely.

The Installation Guide for Linux indicates that Ubuntu 18.04.3 is a supported distro for CUDA 10.2.

Thanks for your reply.
Can I directly install the CUDA 10.2 or should I remove the current version?

That is entirely up to you. One can have multiple version of CUDA installed on a system.

Thank you