Upgraded from CUDA v10.1 to v11.1 but still CUDA runtime version is 10.1 Why?

I wrote a program to print device properties. I did created a cudaDeviceProp Struct Reference and using cudaRuntimeGetVersion() and cudaDriverGetVersion() function I printed the output as:

CUDA Driver Version : 11.1
CUDA Runtime Version : 10.1

My Current CUDA Toolkit Version is 11.1 and Driver version is 456.55 (which I install using GEForce Experience before installing cuda and didn’t install the driver came with CUDA Toolkit).

Program :
cudaDeviceProp dev_prop;
int driverVersion = 0, runtimeVersion = 0;
cudaGetDeviceProperties(&dev_prop, 0);//(cudaDeviceProp, deviceCount)
printf(“CUDA Driver Version : %d.%d\n”, driverVersion / 1000, (driverVersion % 100) / 10);
printf(“CUDA Runtime Version : %d.%d\n”, runtimeVersion / 1000, (runtimeVersion % 100) / 10);

Why still I get runtime version as 10.1…???

Note : I uninstalled every Nvidia CUDA Development/Runtime/Documentation/Nsight NVTX/Samples/Visual Studio Integration… from Control Panel.