URDF Importer problem - 2023.1.1

I have a problem using the URDF importer in the latest release of Isaac Sim. When I use the URDF importer in Isaac Sim 2023.1.1, there is a problem that the loaded robot is not recognized as an Articulation Robot, and connecting it to ROS via omnigraph does not work. Only the base segment of the robot is recognized as an Articulation Robot. Pictures below.

When I use an older release of the program (Isaac Sim2023.1.0-hotfix.1) everything works as it should, and the robot is recognized as an Articulation Robot, not the robot base segment. Pictures below.

Is this a known problem in the latest release of the program or am I making a mistake when using the URDF importer?
Thank you

I have faced similar issues (I think). Refer to this discussion:

Thank you very much @edsonbffilho for your quick reply.
I saw the post, and I understand the idea why the Articulation Robot was introduced to be the base link of the robot. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, connecting the Isaac Sim to ROS is a problem with that approach.

If I use a model generated via the URDF importer in an older release (when the robot is set as Articulation Robot), it is possible to use the robot via ROS. In the case when I use the latest release (when the base link of the robot is treated as an Articulation Robot), in that case if I select the robot as a target for ROS Publish Joint State and Articulation Controller as described in the tutorial, in that case I get an error (pictures below).

Screenshot from 2024-03-13 10-48-21

If I select the base link as a target , then the robot can not be moved (although the error is not printed in that case - picture below). I followed the tutorial, but I was not able to make the system work that way in the new release (as opposed to the old release where the everything is functional and the robot can be controlled via ROS).
Screenshot from 2024-03-13 10-31-26