URL filter - cannot recompile

Meanwhile, I found the issue regarding my previous message here!
The forum did not allow me to answer because I asked too many questions, and no one answered :D nice feature :P

Dropping the packet after the match is hardcoded in the source code.
In the main function:

The drop_on_match() function

I have tried to modify the source code, but then I could not recompile it :(
I followed the instructions here URL filter.
After issuing the ninja -C /tmp/build command, the compiler says it cannot find rte_sft.h.
I also set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable and issue ldconfig, but still not found. I am not a meson/ninja expert, so I blindly tried to copy the rte_sft.h file found /opt/mellanox/dpdk/include/dpdk/rte_sft.h to all libraries to all directories the compiler tries to use, such as /usr/local/include.
The original error of not finding the rte_sft.h disappeared but now many things are still undefined, such as
/opt/mellanox/doca/examples/url_filter/src/url_filter.c:389: undefined reference to 'rte_sft_fini'

Is there any less hacky way to recompile url_filter?

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Did you export both environment variables when you tried to build?

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/mellanox/dpdk/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/mellanox/dpdk/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/

Could you share the output from the build failure?


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@jubetz , thank you for your support!
PKG_CONFIG_PATH setting solved the issue! I can modify the source code and recompile it. I will share my experience here, where my original problem occurred regarding the dropping :)

Speaking of this extra ENV VAR, if you have permission, it would be nice to update the official description, too.

Thank you so much :)

The official description was updated in this week’s update (DOCA 1.1), and some of the environment variables are now taken care off by the BFB itself so users won’t need to configure them themselves.

Thank you again for your helpful suggestions and your patience.