USB Camera Bandwidth Issue (Realsense)

I’ve been using the Realsense d435 camera with both Jetson Xavier And Jetson Nano models. I have applied both the kernel patches and CUDA optimizations but I am now experiencing USB issues. While the camera functions just fine at lower resolutions/framerates, at higher resolutions it starts to have incomplete frames and even a USB SCP Overflow. When streaming both a depth and RGB image, 720p at 30fps has a substantial number of dropped frames, but adding in the infrared streams makes it basically unusable. Many other users have documented this issue and almost everyone agrees that it is solved by using a PCIE USB card, but that’s not always practical. It seems clear the issue lies with the USB controller/software and is not a realsense-specific problem. Jim at Jetsonhacks believes the issue is in the USB firmware, would NVIDIA be able to investigate this and potentially fix it in future releases?

This is a known issue and we are checking it.

I can confirm I also have the same issue on the Jetson Nano with the Structure Core rgbd camera. So it is not specific to realsense.

I am relieved actually that it is not just the structure core and perhaps a fixable issue with the Jetson Nano.

@matthewpottinger Thanks for mentioning that, I hadn’t found much about other cameras on Jetson having such issues. I think this confirms that this problem is on Nvidia’s end and isn’t an issue with the RealSense software. Hoping it’s a fixable software issue and not something with the usb controller hardware.

Please check