USB Logitech C920 issues with v4l2

Hi, I was following along with dusty’s AI hello world Jetson nano.
He uses the same camera but I cannot get it to work.
lsusb list it as “Bus 001 d- 006: ID 046d:082d Logitech>>>”

V4l2-ctl --list-divices only show the onboard camera.
Which works fine and I can capture from it.
How do I get my Logitech camera working with this? v4l2

I am running on ubuntu 18.04 on the TX2 with jetpack 4.4
Thanks for the help.

I am not a camera guy, but you will want to monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then note what gets printed as you plug in the camera. Knowing what that content is will help debugging. Incidentally, most of the Logitech cameras tend to work well with default drivers, so there is a chance something else is going on.

It seems that my usb hub is not providing enough power and its disconnecting. Thanks I’ll get a new one.

Unless the HUB is self-powered with an external adapter all of that power comes from the TX2. The total output power of a single port of the TX2 will have to supply everything on the HUB if the HUB itself does not provide power, and so this does not surprise me in many cases (about the only USB device which does not draw much power are the HID class, e.g., keyboard/mouse).