USDZ Export in 2022.3.0 Beta?

I’m still getting familiar with the Omniverse tool kit.

It was mentioned in an earlier thread that Create 2022.3.0 Beta would introduce USDZ export. I’ve installed the 2022.30 Beta version but can’t seem to find USDZ export in any of the usual places in the app. Anyone know when USDZ export feature may drop?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @usdzshare! I know that Omniverse supports the import of USDz files. We also have the ability to export USDZ to glTF in Create 2021.3.6 using our Asset Converter Extension.

I also see that we can export USDz through our Connectors to other Tools here: Connecting to Omniverse — Omniverse Connect documentation

I’m just not 100% sure if we can export directly to a USDz file format. I will need to check with the dev team to confirm. I’ll post back as soon as I have more information on this!


I’ve spent the past several years developing with USD on the Apple ecosystem. So I’m exploring potential synergies between what Nvidia is doing and also Apple… the best of both worlds so to speak. Whilst the Nvidia Streaming client for iPad Pro’s is a great start… its not utilizing Apples own frameworks in the way it should… RealityKit with gesture interactions, LiDAR, object occlusion etc. Nvidia would definitely drive more adoption from the Apple side with a way to harness USD fully on Apple’s side not just as a streaming client I feel. Interested to know your thoughts?

Hello @usdzshare! Heard back from the team. Here is their reply:

The “USDZ Exporter” extension needs to be enabled from the Extensions window. Then, the option to “Export USDZ” will be available in the right click context menu of a layer in the Layers window.

Let me know if this helps!

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Yes. Perfect.