Use emulator with CUDA 4.0 on Windows XP

I developed an application using CUDA. All beer and I havn’t errors in the compilation. Now I want to run this application using an emulator but the problem is that I have not found any emulator CUDA 4.0 on windows XP. I found gpuocelot for linux and I havn’t figured out how I can use it with Windows. Please, is there an emulator that works with CUDA 4.0 on Windows XP (SP2)

There is no emulator for Xp. Also, in case you want to check the program logic and how well you have decomposed the problem, you can try out OpenCL, where the compute kernel almost remains the same as cuda. Hope you can try OpenCL on your system…

Last version that had an emulator was CUDA 3.0.

gpuoccelot has a windows branch, but I couldn’t get it to compile.

Like someone else mentioned you may use OpenCL which can compile for the CPU using AMD’s or Intel’s compiler, but this approach has it’s issues as well.

Why do you need an emulator? If you write CUDA you should probably get a CUDA supporting card (you can get some pretty cheap, entry level is around 50$-80$)

What kind of issues did you run into when building gpuocelot?

What kind of issues did you run into when building gpuocelot?

At the time I had a lot of compile errors I couldn’t get over trying to build the ocelot-windows branch. I wanted to reconstruct the issue, but at the moment I can’t even find the ocelot-windows branch.

There seems to be a link at the bottom of the build page regarding using mingw with no info. Didn’t have a chance to try though

Why don’t you just install VirtualBox/Ubuntu/Ocelot on your Windows, and run it that way? I did that recently, and it worked out fine. But, make sure to run it on a big, beefy desktop; it does not work so well on an Atom laptop because the CPU is too slow.


i m having lenovo z570 laptop havinf dual graphic intel & nvidia.

i am using windows XP sp3 32bit. Anybody can help me to install Nvida Geforce GT 520M graphic driver in XP.\