Use HDMI Out port for just deepstream video output on jetson nano

I have a requirement to show inference on a monitor on boot without any login screen or boot messages showing up. When I attach a monitor to HDMI Output, on boot jetson desktop loads up and asks for login.
I don’t want that. I want it to boot silently and just run my script. once the video feed is ready to be shown. show it on the monitor attached to the HDMI port.

I am trying to solve this by switching off display at boot and just set display_id=0 in deepstream script. I don’t think its a perfect solution. can you help with this. I am pretty sure someone might have please suggest a way forward

You may try to run rc.local. Please refer to the topics:
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Hey thanks @DaneLLL,

How to Enable /etc/rc.local with Systemd - LinuxBabe worked for us.

Didn’t realize it is this simple. Thanks for helping out.