Using dedicated SPI pins for I2C

We have a carrier board for Xavier Nx which uses SPI for communicating with a sensor chip but due to due to the chip shortage, we have to replace the SPI based sensor with an I2C based chip.

The new I2C based chip is pin compatible, just that the Xavier’s MOSI/MISO will now have to be connected with SCL/SDA of the chip.

Is there any way that I2C can be enabled on the GPIOs which are actually meant for SPI ?

You can configure those SPI PINs as GPIO pins and Linux able support GPIO simulate I2C but I don’t have experience for this. You may need to search for on WEB for how to configure it as I2C bus.

ya that is a possible solution, but i guess it would slow down the things a lot. For each change in the logic of SCL or SDA line, a file operation will have to be performed and this will be very slow when compared to dedicated I2C pins.

Yes, performance could be the trade off but that was the only way I think.


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