Using Isaac Gym with Modulus

Hi, may I know if it’s possible to use Isaac Gym with Modulus for optimization? So we use modulus to train the network. Once successful, we use the trained network for prediction with Issac Gym.

It will be good if there’s some guides or examples to help. Thanks.

Hi @tsltaywb

We have not tested Modulus with Isaac Gym at the moment. Although we do like to hear about integrations that our users are interested in. Do you have a specific application in mind?


I have no experience in Isaac Gym. I read the paper “Farah et al. - 2023 - A Mobile Reinforcement Learning-Cyber-Physical Fluid Dynamics-based Flapping Wing Platform - Simulation Component” from AIAA Scitech 2023 conference.

In the paper, they mentioned that they use Issac Gym with their fast solver to do DRL. Hence, I am thinking of integrating Modulus trained network as the solver for Issac Gym. I have a trained network capable of predicting lift/drag of airfoil through modulus. It will be great if both can be used together.