Validated parts for PCIE to RGMII converter or USB3.0 to RGMII converter

Hi Team
We are making one device where we would need 2 RGMII interface. Can you suggest us some PCIE to Ethernet converter or USB 3.0 to RGMII converter which is already validated with jetson NX

HI team
Please update

Hi abhishek.singh,

RGMII lines are coming out from EQOS (inside Tegra-SOC), we don’t use USB or PCIe for RGMII on Jetson-NX.

Hi Carolyuu
. We are making custom carrier board for our application where we need 2 Gigabit Ethernet port . We are planning to use one available on SoM and for another Ethernet port we are planning to use either PCIE to Ethernet or USB3.0 to Ethernet converter. I want to understand if any part is already validated?

Nope, this case is not validated on our side.