RGMII interface can be used in TX2 ?

Dear Sir,

We want to use a RGMII interface to connect a Car-Ethernet board with TX2, like the attached image.
But Jetson TX2 integrates a BCM54610C1IMLG Ethernet PHY, can we use interface to connect the attached image devices ?

Hi, RGMII of chip is routed to PHY in module, not expose to carrier board, I don’t think you can use it directly. Maybe you can use ENET port (by cable connection) for that if possible.

Dear Trumany,

I get it, by the way, can we apply the TX2 chip to do the hardware design without the TX2 Module?


Generally no, you can check with local agency for detail.

Dear Trumany,

Get your information and thanks for your reply.