Jetson AGX Orin RGMII TX_CLK with 100M phy

Hi,We used RGMII interface on our custom board connected TI 100M phy(DP83TC812),but the network is disconnected.We tested the TX_CLK and found it was 125M.
The TX_CLK of 100M phy should be 25M, how do we configure this TX_CLK to 25M?Thanks!

I think you should check whether your software configuration is correct first but not checking if TX_CLK could be 25M…

This is the configuration of rgmii in the device tree, please help to have a look .

And the gpio.dtsi
Orin-jetson_agx_orin-gpio-default.txt (4.7 KB)
Orin-jetson_agx_orin-pinmux.txt (65.6 KB)
The system dmesg result is
dmesg.txt (86.3 KB)
eth0 can be found

But the network cannot be pinged.

Does /proc/interrupt give you interrupt on the PHY interrupt?

This is all /proc/interrupts Uploading: interrupts.txt…We cannot find the PHY interrupt.
In addition, the RESET and INT pins of PHY are not connected to the reset(H5) and INT(J5) pins of ORIN.

Do these two pins have to be attached to the orin? Will the operation of the network adapter be affected if we do not connect these two pins?

Yes, they are necessary.

OK,thanks!We will attach these two pins and test again.

Now, we’ve connected these two pins,but the network still cannot be pinged.
This is the configuration of rgmii in the device tree

This is gpio.dtsiOrin-jetson_agx_orin-gpio-default.txt (4.6 KB) and pinmux.dtsi
Orin-jetson_agx_orin-pinmux.txt (65.7 KB)

And dmesgdmesg_20240418.txt (88.2 KB)
and interrupt can be found in /proc/interrupt
interrupts_20240418.txt (27.7 KB)

The dp83tc812 driver has been compiled into the system as a module.

But this phy driver is still using Generic PHY

Could you please help us see what the problem is?Thank very much!