Video playback issue


it seems classical video player (Totem) for Jetson Xavier NX have problem with quite usual video playback (H264 encoding). The player read some very few frames (1 frame every 100 frames or something like that).

Is this issue will corrected soon. Is it “normal” or am i the only one who have this problem ?

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Bonsoir Alain,

This is an old issue. Better use gstreamer for this.
BTW, if anyone has a fix, I’d be happy to learn.

Salut Honey_Patouceul,

ok, thx for the information.

Great. I don’t even know own to lauch gstreamer ! I use it with my software to encode my capture video and save it (with opencv) but that’s the only thing i know about gstreamer.

Well, that’s enough for me for today. I will search informations about gstreamer tomorrow.

Many thanks for your help.

Bonne soirée.


You may have a look to the link I mentionned for using gstreamer in order to dipslay an H264 encoded video in a MP4 or QuickTime container.

Also note if you don’t want to use gstreamer that you might use VLC on Jetson with this fix.

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Salut @Honey_Patouceulone ,

le fix pour VLC fonctionne parfaitement. Merci beaucoup ! Many thx !