Videomixer is too slow help me!

i use jetson xavier NX
and deepstream 5.0
jetpack 4.4
tensor RT 7.0

i’m trying to put the 3 video like this

but nvmultitiler does not support yet
it just support same size stream using interpolation
i tried it was very fast even if infer all the stream

but when i use box, mixer to produce like image1
it was very slow

plz help!

I think this topic is related to Gst-nvmultistreamtiler custom-tile-config property.

The box and mixer plugins are Gstreamer original plugins, they are not hardware accelerated. So they are slow. nvmultitiler is Nvidia developed plugin which is hardware accelerated.

What kind of help do you need?

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thanks for reply

i’m looking for another way to accelerate my stream!

What do you mean to "accelerate“? Do you want to accelerate with Nvidia hardware? I don’t think current Nvidia plugins can meet your requirement.

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yes it can be solve after multitiler custom-config update!

i just wonder box and mixer is the best way to display 3streams like that position in real time process

Yes. You can use box and mixer to display as you like. But they are Gstreamer plugins, we will not accelerate them. If there is nothing to be done, can you close this topic? Is there anything related with DeepStream to be discussed here?

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