Virtual key inputs through Geforce NOW

Hi, i’m developing a python companion app for Elite Dangerous and i was testing it out on the Geforce Now version.

It seems as though the virtual key inputs don’t register in Geforce Now, is that intentional?

if so is there any workaround? I would love it if my app was compatible with the Geforce Now version.

o7 CMDR @bruger149 and welcome to the NIVIDIA developer forums!

There is no freely available GeForce Now SDK as far as I am aware, so GFN end user specific issues might not see much coverage in the developer forums of NVIDIA where we are now.

I was about to suggest you might have better luck in the Geforce Now Tech support forum, but I guess this post regarding simulated keyboard input might have been from you as well?

How are you actually trying to send VK events to the game? Can you be more specific and maybe name an example? The VM on the GFN server is securely isolated and only supports directly mapped mouse/keyboard/game controller input supported by the games themselves.

And since I am an avid ED commander myself, might I ask what kind of companion app you are working on?

Thank you and fly safe!