Virtual Painter on Jetson Nano using Python

This Computer Vision project helps to draw virtually online on the screen Canvas using your hand pose.
Done for the Jetson AI specialist Certification as Hands-On Assisgnment.
Draw using one finger on the canvas(drawing mode) , Select colour using two fingers (selection mode).
The project can be integrated in various platforms like google meet, Teams and in AR Games.
Here’s the github repo, suggest any improvements or feedback:
shaikamirgh/Virtual-Painting: Virtually Paint on screen tools-free using Camera. (
Youtube Demo of the Project:
(4) Paint virtually without any Tools! Virtual Painter in Python - YouTube



Hi, Nvidia team I submitted the project for the AI Specialist Certification but I Still haven’t received any updates on it, Its a request to view my project submission as fulfillment of the Certificate.

Also Viewers Like the Demo if you liked it.


Hi @shaikamir2003, sorry for the delay - great job on your project! Really well done, good video too 👍

You should have now received your certification in your e-mail, thank you!

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