Visions of Chaos, Compute Capability, GeForce GT 1030

Trying to see if Visions of Chaos, which requires a Compute Capability of 3.5 or higher, will work with my GPU. The table on this site does not show a Compute Capability for the GeForce GT 1030. How can I find out?

Thank you

I can’t believe this is unanswerable. It’s a pretty simple question. Cards released in what looks like the same generation as my card are 3.5 or higher, but that’s not a definitive answer. Does anyone from nVidia monitor these forums? I would think the answer is there, they have to know, they built the card.

Thank you very much

Hi @tonyluigic ,

You might have better luck posting this in the GeForce forums.

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Thank you, but no luck yet.