Visual Studio 2008 Howto

does anyone know how to get VS 2008 to work with cuda?

I have seen a couple people saying they are using VS 2008 for the main project and using VS 2005 for the C:\Cuda\bin.

can someone explain what needs to be done to get vs 2008 to work?

thanks in advance.

I never read instructions on getting it to work, although it shouldn’t be impossible. Way easier than trying is to just install VS 2005, which coexists perfectly fine with VS 2008.

so are you saying to install vs 2005 then vs 2008?

isnt there paths that have to be setup different?

from what i read the guy said he used cuda with vs 2005 bin

does this make since?

You can install vs 2008 then vs 2005. No paths to set up. It’s like two totally different applications. If you double-click a vs 2005 project, it’ll even automatically open the right version.

Once you have both installed, you could probably hack something so that vs2008 uses vs2005’s binaries for compiling. But there’s no point.

isnt the ide in cs 2008 better?

could i make all the paths for vs 2008 exactle the same as 2005 and it work?

disregard any of this.
i installed ubuntu 8.04 and cuda works PERFECT!