Visual Studio 2017, can't stop @ a break point

I’m running Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.4.
I have a solution in visual studio 2013 using CUDA 6.5 and in 2017 using CUDA 9.0.176.
My driver version is 385.54
I have 2 cards installed 980 TI & Titan X.
When placing a break point in the 2013 solution in the .cu file, the Nsight debugger stops.
When placing a break point in the 2017 solution in the .cu file, the Nsight debugger DOES NOT stop.
I tested the CUDA 9.0 sample solution Samples_vs2017.sln project asyncAPI, the code runs, but again the debugger does not stop at a break point places in the first row in the main function.
All tests were done in “Debug” solution configuration, in all tests the visual debug does stop at the break point.

Any ideas?



I’ve tried the debugger on my vs 2017 15.2 + 980Ti and it works, nsight 5.4 should support cuda 9.0.176 and visual studio 2017, could you tell me you version of vs 2017? Thank you.

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VS 2017 - 15.3.5

Note that the Nsight debugger does stop in VS 2017 inside a kernel, it does not stop in the host code that launches the kernel (which is coded in a .cu file).


That’s excepted, nsight cannot debug the cpu code, there will be a next gen debugger in next nsight release and that will support it.