Visualize Rviz 2 with Isaac-sim from AWS


I have deployed Isaac-sim 2022.2.0 on AWS instance following the instructions from 4.1. AWS Deployment.

And I have set up the ros2-foxy bridge on Isaac-sim and been able to send joint_command to my robot.

I am trying to follow the tutorial 8. MoveIt 2 to collaborate the Isaac-sim with MoveIt 2. However, since my Isaac-sim is running inside a container on AWS, I cannot directly visualize Rviz2.

I am wondering if there is a way to use Rviz2 from the container on AWS?

(ROS2-foxy distribution is installed in the AWS docker container. I can launch RViz2, but cannot visualize it.)


no GUI available for visualization

Hi, for interacting with GUI components outside Isaac Sim with an AWS instance, there are other options. You can install Nice DCV server on the cloud instance, locally you will have to install the Client. Nice DCV will allow you to interact with and visualize the GUI. So you should be able to run RViZ there.

Nice DCV link