vMaterials not compiling in Visualize

So I have followed the instructions on how to install the vMaterials, used the command line to create the junction, received the correct reply. The vMaterials folder appears in the Visualize appearance interface. When I open each folder there are appearances and two other folders in each folder. The thumb nails do not load only the question mark in each. When I drag an appearance onto a model or component I get an error message stating that the “appearance could not be found or could not be compiled”.

Any ideas?

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Hello @richard.sterling

could you please provide more information about which version of SOLIDWORKS Visualize you use and what version you have installed of vMaterials?

Did you install vMaterials on a custom installation directory or the default directory?

Did you check that the MDL - Material Exchange package is installed?

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Hello Rohland,

Thanks for your email.

In answer to your questions:

  • SW Visualize 2020 SP5
  • vMaterials 2.0.0. Downloaded from the Nvidia website yesterday.
  • Default Directory.
  • Yes, the Material Exchange was installed by default before the vMaterials was installed using the vMaterials 2.0.0.exe file.

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It looks like the supported mdl version Iray uses in SW Visualize 2020 does not support the newer mdl version in vMaterials 2.0.
To clarify this I like to ask a specialized person that will test the software. Unfortunately, he is out of the office for a week.

Did you have a look at the SW forum for this problem?

Could you please try to install vMaterials 1.7 and check that they work in your Visualize 2020?

Thank you