VMware DPU installation

I’m trying to setup my BlueField-2 DPU with VMware ESXi 8.0. After the installer loads there a flash of text that appears that says:

EsxioHostNetImpl: DPU 0x6500 does not have K2K uplink

I updated the FW on my DPU to the latest version and confirmed in the BIOS settings for the adapter the VMware DSE engine is one. Are there any SMEs familiar with this by any chance?

This is no DPU driver for ESXi 8.x so far.

The ESXi 8.0 docs and HCL clearly lists the Bluefield2 DPU as supported for ESXi 8.0


I also see it listed in the NVIDIA docs as well:

Did you ever get this to work? Running into a similar issue and cannot sort out why I cannot get the DPU to work in DPU mode.

nope still doesnt work in dpu mode

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I can provide a small, disappointing update. For us there are 2 issues. 1) our servers were missing the DPU to MB cable required for this to work and 2) we are missing certification from our sever vendor. Apparently certain BMC integration is also needed