VNC access on headless system running JetPack 5.1.x

Is it possible to setup a jetson Xavier NX system to have Ubuntu Vino VNC server working without having an attached monitor ?

The README-vnc.txt file states that this is possible, but this is not working for me. Is this file up-to-date or was written for an old release, may be it was for LXDE desktop environment ?

I tried a lot of suggestions e.g. settings options in org.conf, like ConnectedMonitor, Virtual display, etc but at the end nothing was working.

The VNC displays the NVIDIA logo displayed in X early in the startup, but not the Gnome desktop. As soon as I plug a physical monitor, I can see the Gnome desktop appearing, but if I disconnect it, it is no longer updated. Is it a limitation of Gnome, I have seen that Gnome 46 recently released was improved in regard of support of headless mode ?

Installing a dummy video adapter: xserver-xorg-video-dummy is working for VNC, but I would like to also to support a physical screen when occasionally connected.

Any suggestions


Please refer to the setup and give it a try:

Jetson AGX Orin FAQ
Q: How to run developer kit in headless mode?

The post you are referring to explain how to disable the display port in the DTB, this is not what I need, I would like to support a headless system but also to support the monitor when plugged.
Using a dummy video driver is already a working solution for VNC, but obviously not supporting the physical monitor when plugged.

Yo are correct that hotplug of a physical monitor is not supported in VNC. Would need to plug in the monitor before booting, or set dummy monitor when there is no physical monitor.